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Dream Herbal Tea


An herbal tea or tisane is an herbal or plant infusion and typically made from the leaves of the tea bush. Like brews made of the tea bush, such infusions are prepared by combining hot water and fruits, leaves, roots or grains. Tisanes are preferred for three main reasons: Taste, lack of Caffeine Content and Health.

• Tisanes are richer in taste. The herbs are not gound up, therefore there's no flavor loss. The fruits add natural sweetness.

• Tisanes are CAFFEINE FREE.


• Teas are good for you health, but tisanes are much better. The herbs, fruits, barks and grains are blended to meet specific health needs.

Dream Organic Herbal Tea is a sweet, smooth and zesty tasting tisane. All the herbs are nervines which help you unwind, preparing your body for deep sleep and dreamland. This has been used in folk herbalism to invite vivid dreams, and are quite relaxing to promote a good night's sleep. Chamomile and rose petals add a sweet flavor while the lemon peel gives a hint of zest.

• Rose Petal brings balance and harmony to the body

• Chamomile aids in relaxing the body

• Mugwort supports dream function

• Damiana natural supports dreaming

• Rosemary aids with cognitive thinking

• Lemon Peels is high in vitamin C and blends well with Rose and Damiana






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Dream Herbal Tea
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