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Chickweed Facial Cleanser

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Chickweed Facial Cleanser


Super food for your face Facial Cleansing Wash

•100% organic and natural ingredients

•Plant based/organic pigments

•Pure Essential Oils

•Natural Preservatives

•No harsh chemicals: Phthalate Free, Petrochemical Free, Paraben Free

•No Animal Cruel

•No fortified proteins, vitamins and minerals


•Organic Antioxidants This artisan herbal cleanser is an all natural firming sensation that is a powerhouse in beta-carotene, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic antioxidants. These nourishing herbs and pure essential oils are earth’s miracles that have potent anti aging constituents. Perfect for removing make-up and renewing your face. Key Ingredients:

• Arnica Flower

• Chickweed

• Goji Berry Juice

• Coconut Oil


Size: 2 ounce





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Chickweed Facial Cleanser
2 oz
$13.95 USD

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