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Energy Tonic Elixir

Niyama Herbal Arts

Maca Root Energy Tonic Elixir

Top Quality Herbs      Premium Tonic    Optimal Absorption   Fast Results

A natural energy formula that contains powerful herbs that support greater oxygen uptake, enhance physical stamina, and combat adrenal fatigue.

* Aids with adrenal health
* Promotes respiratory function
* High in nutrients
* Naturally promotes energy
* Powerhouse antioxidant

 Bottle size: 4 ounce

 What is herbal tonic? RENEWS REJUVENATES RESTORES Herbal Tonics help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body. It supports and promote wellness. This tonic is extremely powerful, because all the ingredients are fresh. Its power should not be underestimated. This formula is a modern day tonic elixir designed to kick start your system. 

Energy Tonic Elixir
Respiratory Support


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