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Fur Baby Organics Pain Support

Fur Baby Organics Pain Liquid Extract

100% Natural

Fur Baby Organics Pain Extract is made from a well-proven blend of herbs that reduces aches & pains as well as inflammation.  Give your pet the best with this alternative choice to NSAIDS and pain medicine which only mask the problem.  Great for stiff and sore muscles in aging pets.  Supports joint problems, arthritis and pain for active pet life. 

All of the ingredients are wild-crafted and organically grown.

Key Benefits

  • Made with White Willow Bark & Turmeric Root
  • Natural Support for Pain & Inflammation
  • Safe & Effective
  • Works quickly

For Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

Ingredient: White Willow (Salix alba), Meadowsweet (Filendula ulmaria), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis)

Fur Baby Organics Pain Support
2 oz
$16.95 USD

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