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Shaving Cream

Close your eyes, imagine lying in a meadow of wildflowers with the most incredible aromatic scent of flower essences. With each direction of the wind the undertones give you a pure, sweet, earthy scent. When I designed the scent for our Wild Herbs product line that was exactly what I did; lied in our field to reconnect with the scents of the wild herbs. I wanted to bring that experience to life. I wanted a scent that would reconnect you with nature and all the calmness that it brings.

Wild Herbs Shaving Cream is a soft, pure scented with active phyto-nutrient which provides a hydrating and protective layer to all skin types. It is perfect for a clean, close shave as well as the healing properties of herbs and essential oils...a true powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin and leave you feeling hydrated.

Natural ingredients Natural Preservatives No harsh chemicals: Phthalate Free, Petrochemical Free, Paraben Free No Animal Testing

Shaving Cream
4 oz
$10.65 USD

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