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>Wild Root Men's Beard Oil is a wild, earthy oil used to ensure that a man's facial hair is looking and smelling great. The natural blend of oils helps restore your beard's natural oils while moisturizing and conditioning facial hair and the skin beneath. It helps to hydrate the skin and soften and tame facial hair.  Size: 2 ounces

>Wild Root Men's Shaving Cream is a masculine scent with the calming aroma of Cedarwood, that mid-tone peaceful Patchouli hippie and with a pure undertone of Eucalpytus that brings a spiritual connection from just the scent.  Size: 4 ounces

>Wild Root Men's Aftershave is a cool, astringent blend with earthy essential oils used to relief skin after shaving and leaving you smelling great. The natural blend of oils helps restore calmness to the skin while mending open cuts, reduces redness and face. Size: 4 ounces

Our Wild Root Body Wash is a mild cleansers that neutralizes pH balanced and gentle is enough for face and body. The herbs and oils in the blend work to get the rid of dirt and sweat without stripping skin of essential moisture that keeps them looking healthy. The herbs in this blend are nourishing and protective to skin.  Size: 6 ounce

Mens Gift Basket
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